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  1. Epheszosz (latinul: Ephesus, hettita nyelven: Apasza[sz, Apašaš], régi magyar nevén: Efezosz vagy Efézsoa, régi latin nevén: Efezus) görög polisz volt Kis-Ázsia nyugati partvidékén. Ma Törökországban helyezkedik el, török neve Efes.. Iónia legfontosabb metropolisza volt a Prion-hegy lábánál, a Kaüsztrosz folyó torkolata közelében, Kolophón és Magnészia között a.
  2. Ephesus, the most important Greek city in Ionian Asia Minor, the ruins of which lie near the modern village of Selƈuk in western Turkey. In Roman times it was situated on the northern slopes of the hills Coressus and Pion and south of the Cayster (Küçükmenderes) River, the silt from which has sinc
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  5. According legend, Ephesus (also Ephesos) was founded by the tribe of the Amazons, great female warriors.The name of the city is thought to have been derived from Apasas, the name of a city in the Kingdom of Arzawa meaning the city of the Mother Goddess and some scholars maintain that the sign of the labrys, the double-axe of the mother goddess which adorned the palace at Knossos, Crete.
  6. Ephesos. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English: Ephesus is an Ancient Greek city in Turkey which has a number of Greek and Roman ruins. Français : Ephèse est une ville de Turquie où l'on trouve des ruines grecques et romaines

Great effort is being devoted to excavating this almost 5000-year-old site, and to uncovering the history of the ages through its ruins. The British engineer J. T. Wood directed the first archaeological investigations from 1869 onward, under the auspices of the British Museum, D. G. Hogarth continued the excavations, and Wood's quest for the Temple of Artemis, from 1904 onward The Temple of Artemis or Artemision (Greek: Ἀρτεμίσιον; Turkish: Artemis Tapınağı), also known less precisely as the Temple of Diana, was a Greek temple dedicated to an ancient, local form of the goddess Artemis (associated with Diana, a Roman goddess).It was located in Ephesus (near the modern town of Selçuk in present-day Turkey).It was completely rebuilt twice, once after a. Ephesus was an ancient port city whose well-preserved ruins are in modern-day Turkey. The city was once considered the most important Greek city and the mos Ephesos synonyms, Ephesos pronunciation, Ephesos translation, English dictionary definition of Ephesos. An ancient city of Greek Asia Minor in present-day western Turkey. Its temple, dedicated to Artemis, or in Roman times Diana, was one of the Seven Wonders.. Ephesos, located in present-day Turkey, was one of the most important cities of antiquity. It was here that the Artemis Temple, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, stood; the city was also the home of Heraclitus, as well as of one of the largest early-Christian communities

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  1. Ancient Coinage of Ephesos, Ionia. Ephesus or Ephesos, on the Aegean Sea in Ionia; present day Efes, Turkey. Note: There are almost 1,000 known varieties of the bronze and silver bee/stag coin types, with unpublished types appearing every year
  2. Ephesos became the capital of the Roman Province of Asia and one of the largest and most important commercial centers of the eastern Empire. Ephesos was granted special honors by Rome and many monumental buildings and architectural adornments were added to the city. Through Roman engineering the harbor was kept open despite the silting of the.
  3. Ephesos/Ephesus (Epheszosz, Efes) A hajdani Perzsa Birodalom idején fontos kereskedelmi központként tartották számon. Epheszosz egyedülálló nevezetességgel büszkélkedhet, a nagyon jó állapotban megmaradt romvárosával.A lenyűgöző méretű színház, az Árkádiusz út, Artemisz-templom romjai, a díszes kutak egy különleges város régmúltjába repítik vissza az utazókat.
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ephesos jelentése magyarul a DictZone angol-magyar szótárban. Példamondatok, kiejtés és fordítási gyakoriság egy helyen. Nézd meg Szűz Mária háza a törökországi Efezusban található. A keresztény és muszlim kegyhely a Koressos hegyen található nem messze az Égei-tengertől. A törökök a felfedezés előtt Pangaia Kapulunak (Szentséges Szűz kapui) kolostoraként tartották számon, majd a felfedezés után mai neve Meryem Ana Evi (Mária Anya Háza), vagy röviden Meryemana (Mária Anya) a neve

The excavations in Ephesos in western Turkey are the largest Austrian research enterprise abroad. The OeAI has been conducting archaeological excavations in the area of the ancient city since 1895 and in 2015 the ancient city of Ephesos also became a UNESCO world heritage site Ephesos (AD 79-91) Cistophoric Tetradrachm - Julia Titi 814 views Julia Titi, daughter of Titus. Augusta, 79-91 AD. AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm (11.04g, 6h). Struck under Domitian, ca 81-82 AD. Draped bust right / Vesta seated left, holding palladium and sceptre. VF, toned, atttractive. Very rare. Ex CNG 58 (9/2001), lot 1151 Ephesus which was established as a port, was used to be the most important commercial centre.It played a great role in the ancient times with its strategic location. Ephesus is located on a very fertile valley An ancient city in Anatolia, in modern Turkey.··Ephesus (an ancient city in Anatolia, in modern Turkey The dedication of the basilica to Artemis of Ephesos, the Demos, and Augustus and Tiberius, is recorded on a partly preserved Greek and Latin inscription in bronze letters set into the wall. Later eradication of the goddess's name testifies to the building's survival into the Christian era. Its donors were possibly C. Sextilius Pollio and his.

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  1. Geskichte. Ephesos is dät wichtichste archäologiske Gestrich fon ju Turkäi. Uursproangelk (uum 1100 f.Chr.) waas dät ne Gruppe ienheemske Siedlengen, do der liegen uum dät Hillichdum tou fon ju groote asiatiske Fruchtboarhaidsgoddin, naamd Artemis fon Ephesos.Ephesos is däälich bekoand as dät grootste Fräiluchtmuseum fon dät Roomske Riek ap e Waareld
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  3. Mária Magdolna vagy Mária Magdaléna az Újszövetségben szereplő bibliai személy. Alakjával találkozhatunk az újszövetségi apokrifek között is. A katolikus, az ortodox és az anglikán egyház szentként tiszteli. Nevének jelentése: a Magdalából való Mária. Mária Magdolna életével kapcsolatban élénk vita folyik
  4. Ephesos, Ionia, AV stater. 126-125 BC. 19 mm, 8.15 g. Draped bust of Artemis right, wearing stephane and pendant earring, and with quiver and bow over shoulder. / E-Φ across upper fields, cult image of Artemis Ephesia facing, wearing polos and with fillets hanging from wrists, Θ in outer left field, stag and bee at her sides
  5. The ruins of Ephesos offer an exceptional teaching piece for the development of conservation and restoration and the reconstruction of ancient monuments. In the 1950s, in addition to the archaeological research the presentation of the ruins began to gain in importance so that many monuments were reconstructed
  6. BORNOVA EPHESOS CHRONOGRAPH Presenting you Ephesos, second Bornova, which are following dressy design from Aegean, hand wound dress watch and have all attribute to become new player in Horology world with sophisticated and well known Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 as beating heart. Classic design works now, and it will wo

Ephesus definition, an ancient city in W Asia Minor, S of Smyrna (Izmir): famous temple of Artemis, or Diana; early Christian community. See more Sender: ZDF Thema: Filme, Dokus & Kabarett Datum: 16.03.2014 Zeit: 06:40:00 Dauer: 00:47:00 Größe [MB]: 846 Website http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/vi..

This video shows the location Ancient Tablet and loot treasure in Zeus Ephesos in Megaris.-----Played on PC: Intel i5-760.. ef'-e-sus (Ephesos, desirable): A city of the Roman province of Asia, near the mouth of the Cayster river, 3 miles from the western coast of Asia Minor, and opposite the island of Samos. With an artificial harbor accessible to the largest ships, and rivaling the harbor at Miletus, standing at the entrance of the valley which reaches far into. Photos of EPHESOS (MMSI: 241154000) Browse and rate photos uploaded by our community. Filter the results based on the photo properties

Ephesus (Greek: Ἔφεσος Ephesos; Turkish: Efes) is a large archaeological site in Aegean Turkey and one of Turkey's major tourist attractions.. Understand [] Historical context []. The ancient Greek city of Ephesus was famous for its Temple of Artemis (near present-day Selçuk), which was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Ephesos (AD 54-68) AE 22 - Nero & Poppaea 680 views Nero, with Poppaea, 54-68 AD. AE22 (8.79g, 12h). Marcus Acilius Aviola, proconsul. Aechmocles, magistrate. Struck 65 AD. NEPΩN above, Π[OΠΠAIA] below, E-Φ across field, diademed and draped bust of Poppaea right, vis-à-vis laureate head of Nero left / [AOYIOΛ]A ANΘYΠATΩ AIXM[OKΛHΣ], PΩ-MA across field, turreted and draped bust of.

Martin told him that his hatred of the magazines was rabid, fanatical, and that his conduct was a thousand times more despicable than that of the youth who burned the temple of Diana at Ephesus.Under the storm of denunciation Brissenden complacently sipped his toddy and affirmed that everything the other said was quite true, with the exception of the magazine editors Ephesos (AD 217-218) AE 35 - Macrinus 374 views Macrinus, 217-218 AD. AE35 (24.36g, 6h). A-VT K M OΠЄΛ • CЄO-VH MAKPЄINOC, laureate and cuirassed bust right, slight drapery, wearing short beard / ЄΦЄCIΩN ΠPΩTΩN ACIAC, tetrastyle temple containing statue of emperor, togate and holding phiale in left hand; BΩTA in pediment; before, altar surrounded by five male figures, each with.

The Ephesos set is a legendary weapon set for the Warmonger Hero. *Star Weapo Ephesos - metropolis of Asia. An interdisciplinary approach to its archaeology, religion and culture . Harvard theological studies 41, 2. print Harvard Univ. Press, Cambridge Mass. 2004, ISBN -674-01349-2 News for EPHESOS Turkish fishing boat sank after collision with Greek Suezmax tanker, 5 dead, UPDATE Nov. 11, 2020 at 13:14 by Mikhail Voytenko in Accidents. Nov 12 UPDATE: Tnaker owner official Statement: STATEMENT FROM ANDRIAKI SHIPPING Athens, November 11th, 2020. 19:00 LT ANDRIAKI SHIPPING CO LTD managers of crude oil tanker EPHESOS (IMO No. 9607423, sailing under the Greek flag), today. The ancient ancient city of Ephesus is well preserved and a very interesting place for tourists to visit. Here you can see the entire old city in its scale, architecture and infrastructure

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Az 1978-ban a Neue Burg-ban megnyitott Ephesos múzeum egy reprezentatív kiállítás keretében mutatja be a római szobrászatot és építészetet, többek között a Parthermonument-et, Kis-Ázsia akkori legjelentősebb dombormű ciklusát Deutsch: Ephesos (türkisch: Efes) ist eine antike Stadt in der Türkei mit zahlreichen Ruinen aus griechischer und römischer Zeit Italiano: Efeso. Città della Turchia (il nome turco è Efes), importante sito archeologico The ancient city of Ephesos, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey and one of the most extraordinary settlements in the Aegean region, was the home of a glorious civilization. For this large-format publication dedicated to the city of Ephesos and its monuments and sculptures, Ertuğ & Kocabıyık collaborated with the specialists of the. Ephesos Múzeum (Ephesos-Museum) Neue Burg, Heldenplatz 1010 Wien www.khm.at +43 1 525 24 4902; info.ansa@khm.at; Countless objects found in Ephesus by Austrian archaeologists since 1895 are now exhibited in this museum in the Neue Burg. Árak. 19 év alatti fiatalok €0.

#[903127] COIN, MARCUS ANTONIUS, DENARIUS, EPHESOS, RARE, All VCoins dealers agree to be bound by the VCoins Dealer Code of Ethics Ephesos is one of the largest and best-preserved cities from the classical period and is one of the leading archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. The numerous cultural, historical, artistic, and natural assets of the site vividly illustrate the region's complex history. Ephesos hosts an impressive variety of archaeological ruins that. EPHESOS - 9607423 - CRUDE OIL TANKER 9607423 EPHESOS Click to view larger image. Ship info Print Download PDF. IMO number: 9607423: Name of the ship: EPHESOS: Type of ship: CRUDE OIL TANKER: MMSI: 241154000: Gross tonnage: 84850 tons: DWT: 164733 tons: Year of build: 2012: Builder: HYUNDAI SAMHO HEAVY INDUSTRIES - SAMHO, SOUTH KOREA: Flag: GREECE The 'Ephesos' was granted a sailing permission, and it heaved its anchor on Nov 15. The technical part of the inspection has been completed by attending surveyors, and the initial part of the legal investigation has also been completed by the public prosecutor and Harbour master Bornova Ephesos Chronograph 7751 is limited with 25 pieces for each variant of Stainless Steel and Rose Gold Plated Version. Rose gold case upgrade is €50 more Specs and features as following: * Swiss Made (assembled and tested in Switzerland)* Diameter (Excluding Crown) - 42mm* Lug to Lug Length - 51mm* Lug Width - 2

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One of our top picks in Selçuk. Set in Selcuk, 3.1 mi from Great Theater of Ephesus, Nea Efessos offers accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a bar. 3.1 mi from Church of Mary and 1.6 mi from Ephesus Museum, the property provides a shared lounge and a garden IONIA, Ephesos. Phanes. Circa 625-600 BC. EL Trite (14mm, 4.67 g). ΦANEOS (in retrograde archaic Greek), stag grazing right, its dappled coat indicated by indentations on the body / Two incuse punches, each with raised intersecting lines Synonyms for Ephesos in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Ephesos. 1 synonym for Ephesus: Council of Ephesus. What are synonyms for Ephesos Ephesus was an important center for early Christianity. The city, in western Asia Minor, was a significant center along the missionary travels of Apostle Paul during the first century. The Christians of Ephesus were recipients of one of Paul's letter as well as one from St. Ignatius in the second century. Ephesus was one of the seven cities mentioned in Book of Revelation A titular archiespiscopal see in Asia Minor, said to have been founded in the eleventh century B.C. by Androcles, son of the Athenian King Codrus, with the aid of Ionian colonists.Its coinage dates back to 700 B.C., the period when the first money was struck. After belonging successively to the kings of Lydia, the Persians, and the Syrian successors of Alexander the Great, it passed, after the.

STRONGS NT 2181: Ἔφεσος Ἔφεσος, Ἐφέσου, ἡ, Ephesus, a maritime city of Asia Minor, capital of Ionia and, under the Romans of proconsular Asia (see Ἀσία), situated on the Icarian Sea between Smyrna and Miletus.Its chief splendor and renown came from the temple of Artemis, which was reckoned one of the wonders of the world 301 Moved Permanently . The document has been permanently moved Tour hotel booking. Had an amazing tour of Ephesus with this company and have nothing but the highest praise.There were only 6 in our group and our fabulous guide had a great knowledge of all the areas we visited but also a very wry sense of humour which was much appreciated after our hideous experience on a Ship Tour in a previous port

One of the harpies that plans to kidnap David Merlin and his assistant, Claudia. Both she and her partner, Tecos, believe in a prophecy stating that whoever forms an alliance with the two earthling spellbinders will come to rule Otherworld. She appears in the episode As If By Magic. Ephesos holds a Nastiest Harpy Competition between her and Tecos., She and Tecos are one of the few. Definition of ephesos in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of ephesos. Information and translations of ephesos in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web EPHESOS Photo from 10/8/17 10:51 PM. The EPHESOS has the flag of Greece

Since 1978 the Ephesos Museum has had its own rooms in the Neue Burg.Before the museum was established, the present exhibits were provisionally displayed in various locations, including on occasion the Theseus Temple in the Volksgarten.. Lying on the Turkish Aegean coast, Ephesus was one of the largest cities of the ancient world and is now among the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey Religion in Ephesos Reconsidered provides a detailed overview of the current state of research on the most important Ephesian projects offering evidence for religious activity during the Roman period. Ranging from huge temple complexes to hand-held figurines, this book surveys a broad scope of materials. Careful reading of texts and inscriptions is combined with cutting-edge archaeological and. The communal latrine at Ephesos. Fresh water continuously ran down the channel in the floor in front of the seats for users to wash their hands (1st century CE). Remove Ads Advertisement. About the Author. Mark Cartwright. Mark is a history writer based in Italy. His special interests include pottery, architecture, world mythology and. McCabe, Ephesos. Wrap text lines Ignore spaces in search Search Help. All Regions; Attica (IG I-III) Peloponnesos (IG IV-[VI]) Central Greece (IG VII-IX) Northern Greece (IG X) Thrace and the Lower Danube (IG X) North Shore of the Black Sea; Aegean Islands, incl. Crete (IG XI-[XIII]) Asia Minor

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Ephesos Excavations, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austrian Archaeological Institute, Department Member Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ancient Ephesos, Ionia. AE16. 190-150 BC. Kalligenos. at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Efes Antik kenti ( Ephesos ), Ephesus. 995 likes · 1 talking about this. This article is about the ancient city in Anatolia. For the town in the southern United States, see Ephesus, Georgia. For.. 390-320 BC, AE Bronze, Ionia, Ephesos, Bee w/ Recumbant Stag, Nice Condition. Ancient dirt and sand still clings to the central design details on this popular issue. The weight is 2.07 grams, with a diameter of approximately 13.5 mm. FREE shipping and insurance, plus FREE 30 day returns. No questions asked and we pay for return shipping

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